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Something Beautiful

Dear Family in Christ, 

As we embark on our Lenten journey, I realize much has been said about cutting things out- various foods, drinks, media consumption, activities, habits- but perhaps not enough has been said about what we can take on. Prayer has certainly been discussed, but I would like to encourage you as much as I can, as you cut out some of the noise and distraction, to consider dedicating some time this Lent to contemplating something beautiful. 

God, it has been said, is not simply beautiful- God is beauty itself. Therefore, everything that is truly beautiful is only so because it in some way reflects the beauty of God. Contemplating the beautiful could include classical music, more time outside in nature, beautiful art/architecture, poetry, works of literature or even cinema. In a very real sense, to contemplate true beauty is to contemplate God Himself.

I will leave you to discern what this might look like for you, but permit me to make a suggestion. A couple of years ago I was introduced to the work of a wonderful priest/hermit who makes videos for YouTube- beautiful videos. He’s make a series of 12 videos, approx. 45-60min each, one per month, about his life last year. Each includes breathtaking shots of his hermitage in the Italian Alps, fascinating home and gardening projects, and a powerful concluding theological/philosophical reflection.

Consider substituting your regular movie, tv show, or news hour with these videos. I’ll admit they may not appeal to everyone, but I have fallen in love with their beauty and I wouldn’t be a good associate pastor if I didn’t at least share this treasure. Here’s a link to the first one to get you started:

(If YouTube is one of the things you have given up this Lent, I sincerely apologize)

This Lent, as we venture into the desert with our Lord, may we encounter Him in Beauty.

Paternally yours, 

Father Daniel

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