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Joe Mazulla: Catholic, Husband, Father, NBA Champion

Dear Family in Christ,

    As much as I love sports, I am admittedly not the biggest basketball fan- HOWEVER, I was thrilled to hear of the recently crowned NBA Champions, the Boston Celtics, who took the championship this past Monday beating the Dallas Mavericks in 5 games. Despite living in Boston for 5 years, I wouldn’t call myself a Celtics fan. I am, however, a huge fan of their head coach Joe Mazulla, who in addition to being a young husband and father, is also an outspoken Catholic. He has made headlines in recent years due to his team’s success as well as some very frank press conferences.

He also has a beautiful habit of arriving early for games and praying a rosary while walking around the court. What a powerful witness! If you’d like to know more about Joe, enjoy this video below.

or read more about his story here:

May we all be such bold witnesses, and give glory to God through the gifts He has given us. Congratulations to Coach Mazulla and 2024 NBA Champions, the Boston Celtics!

God love you,

Father Daniel

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