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Legion of Mary

          Legion of Mary members are available to visit the sick at the hospital and give Holy Communion. Please contact the church office: 905-358-7611, press zero for the Secretary. Please provide the first name and last name of the patient, hospital name, ward name and room #. The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic organization whose members give service to the Church on a voluntary basis. We have active and auxiliary members. Active members meet every Monday at 5:00 p.m., in the Ferrando Room, church hall. As active members we also visit the sick in the old age homes. We also visit our elementary schools to teach students how to pray the rosary. Please  attend one of our Monday meetings. For more information, please use the contact form below:

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Serra Club of St. Catharines

          Serra is an International Catholic lay organization for the promotion of and support of priesthood and consecrated life, and the affirmation of vocations, as well as the spiritual development of its members.  Serra International is formally recognized by the Holy See as the global lay apostolate for Vocations in the Catholic Church. It is a volunteer organization of over 22,000 Catholic men and women of all ages, races, occupations and backgrounds with over 700 clubs in 37 different countries. We hold monthly meetings in the region and host events including our Annual Trivia Night. If you are interested in learning more or would like to join us, please call Patrick Portelli, President, at 416-948-3969 or by email below.

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