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Parish Library

Daily spiritual reading is a key component to growing in our faith.   For this reason, we have 3 different places at Scapular for you to access good Catholic reading material.


First, we have a beautiful library of  books to borrow in the Adoration chapel. Prayerfully acknowledge Jesus as you enter, and  browse quietly, anytime.  Be sure to sign out each book in the binder provided, and  sign books back in when you return them.


Secondly, there are the small booklets and CDs for sale in the main foyer, at the east and west entrances, and childrens books at the front church entrance. Please place payment for these items (as posted) in the lock-box nearby. 


Thirdly, our newest addition is a sharing shelf in the main foyer (beside the confessional/crying room entrance).  All items on this bookshelf are free to take and enjoy! 


If you have Catholic books to donate to this shelf, please do not leave them there.  Instead, label them "donation" and leave them at the office, or in the sacristy. 


Thank you for your continued efforts to live and grow in the beauty of our Catholic faith! Happy reading!

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