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Extraordinary Ministers

of Holy Communion

As an Extraordinary Minister of Communion at Our Lady of the Scapular, you will serve in the Eucharistic life of the community; when the need arises in the absences of the Ordinary Ministers of Communion (i.e. Priests & Deacon). 

Your responsibilities will include:

1. You are to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Dress in appropriate church attire and wear a robe for communion.  You are to always wear a collared shirt with the robe. You are not to wear open toed shoes in the summer.


​2. During the Rite of Communion, you are to help the Priests share the Eucharist.


3. You will participate in the mass from beginning to end.


4. You will enter the Sanctuary during the Rite of Communion, after the sign of Peace.


5. You should attempt to make eye contact when raising the Host and saying “The body of Christ.”


6. For those wishing to receive only a blessing, this is done by holding a hand over their head and saying “May God blesses you”. Do not make the sign of the cross over them.


7. You will be faithful to the schedule and arrive on time.

8. It will be your responsibility to find coverage if you are not able to make your scheduled weekends.

To sign up, please contact the parish office at 905-358-7611 or by clicking here.

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