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Ordinary Time, for Ordinary Folks 

Dear Family in Christ, 

Here we are; after the great celebration of the Christmas Season, we arrive at the beginning of Ordinary Time. After all the feasts, the solemn liturgies, the travelling, the visitors; after all the decorations, the music, and the obscene sweaters… Ordinary Time simply fits. 

There is something exceptionally fitting about getting back into our routine- back to school, back to work, back to life as we know it. I think of the beautiful closing lines of the great Lord of the Rings trilogy, when Samwise Gamgee returns to his ‘ordinary’ home from what has been objectively the most extraordinary adventure of his life:

And he went on, and there was yellow light, and fire within; and the evening meal was ready, and he was expected. And Rose drew him in, and set him in his chair, and put little Elanor upon his lap. He drew a deep breath. 

‘Well, I’m back,’ he said.

Ordinary Time marks the days, weeks and months between the seasons of feasting and fasting, punctuated by various feast days dedicated to the mysteries of Christ’s life and the honouring of the great saints who loved Him so much. During this time, the sanctuary and sacred ministers wear primarily the colour green, which turns our focus to what is important at this time: growth. 

During my time as an athlete, we too had different seasons- race season was marked by fierce competition and proximate preparation/tweaks, off-season involved rest and recovery, but the majority of our year was spent, ordinarily, training. These were the moments that mattered- where we got stronger, faster, and better as a team. 

As a Church, Ordinary Time reminds us that routine, everyday decisions matter. The choices we make to pray, to forgive, to go to confession, to get to Mass, to love- even when we don’t feel like it- matter. It is through these ordinary choices, day in and day out, over the course of a lifetime, that ordinary people like you and me become saints.

God love you, 

Father Daniel

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